4 Reasons Why This is The Best Free Online MMO Game

This is a FREE Online MMO game about Magic and warlocks and witches and all the mystic creatures that you will ever imagine.

Reason #1 Play against your friends and people all around the world

Reason #2 Compete in tournaments and show off your skills to become the Greatest Wizard of all times.

Reason #3 This Free online MMO Game can be played with the entire family

Reason #4 Summon the strongest creatures to fight your enemies

Overall this is an amazing Free Online MMO Game not just for one player but for the entire family as well.

When I first found this game I was amaze by how easy it was to cast your own spells and convert people into ice or cast an over time spell. If you love magic like I do you are definitely gonna love this game.

Create your Wizard NOW! to start enjoying hours of entertainment casting magical spells and becoming the strongest Wizard of all times.

Once you have created your first wizard and explore the world, you might find yourself in need to take it to the next level. That’s where our Free Crowns System comes to play.

The Free Crown system will help you develop your magic ability incredibly fast, giving you the best armor, mounts, pets, weapons and a lot more. It is completely free and anybody can join. You don’t have to download anything and as long as you stick with the rules it will be yours forever.

Create your Wizard NOW!

Wizard101 How to Get Free Crowns – Legit No Download

Hello there fellow wizards, I thought I would share with you a little wizard101 how to get free crowns secret that’s helping wizards all around the world to get free crowns.

Please note that this is not a cheat, hack nor you need to download anything and the best of all this method doesn’t depend on surveys at all.

If you’ve heard of prizerebel and similar sites, you probably have an idea on how point systems work.You also probably know about the ton of scam sites out there that only make you do surveys with the promise of a bundle and at the end you leave empty handed.

Wizard101 How to Get Free Crowns With a Twist

Well., ChatAndGames noticed all these scam sites and also noticed some other sites that do deliver but also take way too long to get a simple one month membership.

And they decided to have a System developed where everyone can join absolutely for Free with no strings attached and get all the good stuff for wizard101 like Crowns, bundles, membership, etc.,

This method is based on Goldins which is their local Currency. All you have to do is get as many goldins as you can in the less amount of time possible and trade them for amazing prizes in their shop.

But the twist is that unlike other websites, on ChatAndGames you get Goldins for referring people to their site, plus if those people you referred sign up for a free ChatAndgames account you get a huge bonus, you also get Goldins for viewing posts, commenting, checking out prizes in the shop, you even get goldins for making friends, watching videos, and a whole lot of other options.

How to Get Fee Crowns in Wizard101 – Free Crowns System!

You can get 5000 crowns or a month membership with only a little over 200 goldins and considering how fast you earn goldins it shouldn’t take you long before you trade those goldins for something on their shop.

Also another thing to notice here, is that all their items in their shop can be bought with either Goldins or Real Money.

So this is also a good opportunity for those who want to buy bundle cards but they’re not available where they live. I heard they’re also adding crown items. For example if you want a mount or sword from the Crown shop all you have to do is trade the necessary goldins for that item in the crown shop and it will be yours. It’s that simple.

Please note that ChatAndgames will never ask you for your Wizard101 account name NOR Password. And also please never share those details with anyone.

I hope you now have a better idea on how to get free crowns in wizard101. Leave your comments below, and don’t forget to share.

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crowns

Let me introduce the one and true Wizard101 Crown Generator and of course is completely FREE, anyone can use unlimited times and you can get not just get Free Crowns but also Free Membership and Bundles, Finally the only solution that works with no surveys or downloads of any kind.

You will never have to download any type of software and it is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux and supports all major browsers like, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and so on and so for.

Wizard101 Crown Generator Explained

Here’s how this crown generator works: Read the rest of this entry

How to get unlimited treasure cards in wizard101

If you’re a new student at the spiral you probably don’t know that there aren’t cheats for wizard101, there might be one or two little tricks that probably make the whole thing easier for your wizard like How to get unlimited treasure cards which is pretty easy actually and completely legal meaning that you won’t put your account at risk of being deleted.

So, in order to get tons of Treasure cards (TC for short) you will need tons of gold, that’s right there’s no other way, actually there is another way which is a little harder but you’ll also need gold and I will tell you about it in the next post which will be named Make your Own Treasure Cards Wizard 101. Read the rest of this entry

Wizard101 New Promotional Codes for 2012-2013 – The Only Cheat That Works

Have you ever seen a wizard with an amazing sword or an awesome mount and you have no idea how did he/she get it?

Well, today is your lucky day cause I will show you how to get unlimited Wizard 101 codes that you can redeem at the official wizard 101 website for mounts, robes, seeds, pet food, swords and of course insanely amounts of gold.

What I’m talking about here is nothing else but a wizard101 Generator that works in a way that even a 4 year old could do it, all you have to do is choose which reward/tier you want codes from then follow the simple three step formula and you’ll be enjoying a new mount and tons of gold in no time at all.

This also helps you get the best gear for levels 20 and under perhaps even higher, because in case I forgot to mention you can get crown robes from this codes, you can either sell them at an incredible price in the bazaar or you can use them to be invincible. Read the rest of this entry


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