Wizard101 Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle: Watch This Before you Buy it!

Today in this article I’m going to show you exactly what’s inside the wizard101 spiral cup gauntlet bundle, so you don’t get any disappointing surprises.

  • First off, let me say that with the spiral cup gauntlet bundle you have the ability to choose the level of the gear and robes that you get. if you ask me I will always go with the highest level ones XD

So be very careful not to mess it up when collecting your items from the spiral cup bundle.

The Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle Includes

  • Pigswick Fountain Dungeon
  • Tanglewood Vine Mount
  • Pegasus Pony Pet
  • Pigswick Academy Robe
  • Mystic Grimoire Weapon
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Here’s a short video showing you all the items you get and how to activate them.

How And Where do I Activate a Wizard101 Bundle

One thing to have in mind is that you can easily activate this Wizard101 Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle and any other bundle or gift card online at: http://wizard101.com/activate

If this is your first time activating a bundle online for wizard101, let me tell you that it’s completely safe. Since you’re logging into your wizard101 account to activate the bundle code I know why you might be a little hesitant, but once again there’s nothing to be afraid of; you will be logging into wizard101 itself but through a web browser.

BUY Wizard101 Spiral Cup Gauntlet NOW!

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How to Find Wizard 101 Cheats for Crowns: 7 Things You Must Do

If you are a Wizard101 player like myself, then you most likely could use a few wizard 101 cheats for crowns. And by now you probably tried all the so called wizard101 generators out there that all they do is drive you to a dead end.

Fortunately for you my fellow wizard today I will be telling you exactly how to find those darn cheats and I will also tell you how to get a decent amount of crowns.

First of all what I’m about to reveal to you is not necessarily a cheat per say, it is also not a hack, and I won’t ask you to do any surveys or download anything. Read the rest of this entry

4 Reasons Why This is The Best Free Online MMO Game

This is a FREE Online MMO game about Magic and warlocks and witches and all the mystic creatures that you will ever imagine.

Reason #1 Play against your friends and people all around the world

Reason #2 Compete in tournaments and show off your skills to become the Greatest Wizard of all times.

Reason #3 This Free online MMO Game can be played with the entire family

Reason #4 Summon the strongest creatures to fight your enemies

Overall this is an amazing Free Online MMO Game not just for one player but for the entire family as well. Read the rest of this entry

Wizard101 How to Get Free Crowns – Legit No Download

Hello there fellow wizards, I thought I would share with you a little wizard101 how to get free crowns secret that’s helping wizards all around the world to get free crowns.

Please note that this is not a cheat, hack nor you need to download anything and the best of all this method doesn’t depend on surveys at all.

If you’ve heard of prizerebel and similar sites, you probably have an idea on how point systems work.You also probably know about the ton of scam sites out there that only make you do surveys with the promise of a bundle and at the end you leave empty handed. Read the rest of this entry

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crowns

Let me introduce the one and true Wizard101 Crown Generator and of course is completely FREE, anyone can use unlimited times and you can get not just get Free Crowns but also Free Membership and Bundles, Finally the only solution that works with no surveys or downloads of any kind.

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Wizard101 Crown Generator Explained

Here’s how this crown generator works: Read the rest of this entry