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Wizard101 New Promotional Codes for 2012-2013 – The Only Cheat That Works

Have you ever seen a wizard with an amazing sword or an awesome mount and you have no idea how did he/she get it?

Well, today is your lucky day cause I will show you how to get unlimited Wizard 101 codes that you can redeem at the official wizard 101 website for mounts, robes, seeds, pet food, swords and of course insanely amounts of gold.

What I’m talking about here is nothing else but a wizard101 Generator that works in a way that even a 4 year old could do it, all you have to do is choose which reward/tier you want codes from then follow the simple three step formula and you’ll be enjoying a new mount and tons of gold in no time at all.

This also helps you get the best gear for levels 20 and under perhaps even higher, because in case I forgot to mention you can get crown robes from this codes, you can either sell them at an incredible price in the bazaar or you can use them to be invincible. Read the rest of this entry